NACS recommends that you should have your chimney swept at least every 6 months, if in regular use.

An unclean chimney is a health and safety hazard. A blocked chimney can lead to dangerous gases entering your living area, which if inhaled may cause illness, even death.

We cover: Cardiff, Barry, Pontypridd…

All prices are dependent on the work required.

These days, due to the modern equipment, procedures and techniques used, having your chimney swept is extremely safe. However, to give you peace of mind, make sure you use a NACS-qualified chimney sweep with the necessary equipment and insurance.

Every effort is taken to keep your home dirt-free and safe. The whole area around the chimney is contained using industrial strength cloth barriers – preventing the debris from the chimney damaging your furnishings or property. The waste is then taken by using and industrial vacuum cleaner.

All you need to do is make room for us to work efficiently (approximately 6 feet square), we will provide the covers for the area directly around the chimney.

Yes. We are fully covered against any damage to you or your property.

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